Project playlist: Songs addressing sex can create atmosphere


What would a sex-themed Collegian be without a sex-themed music column? Ridiculously inconsistent, that’s what. So, with your consent, I present to you this week’s filthy, dirty project playlist.

“A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying” – The Bloodhound Gang Whether or not you agree, the Bloodhound Gang delivers on this single from “Hooray For Boobies,” a parody of lonely “truck driving” narratives written by country music singer Red Sovine. The Bloodhound Gang epitomizes everything juvenile and immature about sex, reminding us that no matter how bad life gets, you aren’t a crying stripper at rock bottom giving a lap dance to a slobbering drunk to the beat of crappy ’80s rock. And if you are, well, at least you’re employed, right?

“Sperms Got Germs” – The Evolution Control Committee Making sex education fun can be a challenge, but the ECC does just that with this overtly corny tune featuring recycled big band sound clips and a wheezy narrative. Also known as Mark Gunderson, this creative genius recently moved to San Francisco to host a regular radio show, with the same “Adult Swim” style of offbeat humor. Lucky for you, the artist encourages piracy, so hearing his tale about “pounding a girl’s cat” is a guilt-free download.

“Let’s Get it On” – Marvin Gaye If this aphrodisi-track doesn’t trigger a greasy massage from your significant other, nothing will. It is interesting to note that this title track from the album of the same name signaled a shift from socially-conscious lyrics, making Gaye a sexual icon in the process. But it didn’t come easily; Gaye suffered childhood sexual abuse by a preacher, rendering him impotent, amongst other issues. It was his newfound spirituality as an adult that allowed him to find freedom from his demons, which he expressed in this song about “making sweet love.”

“Wasted” – Believable Picnic A great song about abstinence, balancing out this week’s column with a little redemption, Believable Picnic’s “Wasted” passionately addresses the stresses of growing older and bellows out a chorus urging listeners to consider how true love is worth waiting for. Plus, avoiding genital warts is an obvious bonus. At times, the vocals sound like a cat meowing, but other than that, the song’s great to give to your younger siblings.