Campus, local figures name favorite ‘Wefaldisms’


“K-State will never be the same because of Jon Wefald’s vision, leadership and incredible understanding of what makes K-State special.”

— Pat Bosco, vice president of student life and dean of students

“In my mind’s eye, I’ll probably always see President Wefald glancing at me from across the room and giving a grin and a thumbs up. In that way, he looked like a politician at a campaign rally. But it was more than that — it was symbolic of a relentlessly positive attitude and a ceaseless effort to market K-State.”

— Ned Seaton, general manager of The Manhattan Mercury

“You can always see his dedication to students in the way he welcomes us. It doesn’t take long before you start getting hugs from him when you see him on the sidewalk. That welcoming atmosphere is one of his signature quirks.”

— Dalton Henry, student body president and senior in agricultural economics

“He always mentions the number of scholars at every event — Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater scholars and so on. His introductions for speakers at events like the Landon Lectures are always thoughtful and comprehensive.”

— Gloria Freeland, assistant professor of journalism

“The one-liners he uses both in conversations and public addresses are some of my favorite Wefaldisms, like ‘You know, when Ruth Ann and I arrived here in 1986 …,’ ‘It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in Manhattan, Kan.!’ and ‘So let it be written, so let it be done.'”

— Lydia Peele, former student body president and senior in mathematics education