Marlatt prepares to become coed


When K-State students return to campus next fall, there no longer will be an all male residence hall on campus. Marlatt Hall, the last remaining male-only housing on campus, is scheduled to become coed.

The change leaves Ford Hall and Boyd Hall as the only gender-specific housing on campus. Kevin Cook, coordinator for enrollment management and academic affairs, said Marlatt is being changed because of what students were requesting.

“We don’t [plan on making Boyd and Ford coed] at this juncture,” Cook said. “We have a large amount of women that are interested in women-only housing, but not nearly as many men have been interested in male-only.”

The addition of an “Honors Program Cluster Floor” also will be implemented in Marlatt as part of the switch. This floor will be reserved for honors students only.

While other residence halls at K-State have cluster floors with different themes, Marlatt will be getting one for the first time. Stephen Kiefer, director of the University Honors Program, said he feels the creation of the floor will bring difficulties, but they shouldn’t be too hard to overcome.

“My general sense of some of the challenges is making sure the honors students become involved in the general honors community,” Kiefer said. “It should be fine, though. It’s not like we’re talking about hundreds of students or anything.”

Overall, administrators said they believe changing Marlatt’s format is a good one.

“We’re just trying to meet the needs of the students and accommodate the requests of them,” Cook said.

Shelton Burch
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