Changes in recruitment process to affect sororities next fall


New rules for K-State sororities will change the recruitment process. The Panhellenic Council has worked with sororities and Greek Affairs to make sure these changes will take effect this fall.

Some of the changes include lowering the cost of recruitment and arranging for women to move into their residence halls only once.

The main reason for the changes was to cut the cost of recruitment, said Ellen Burke, director of recruitment for PHC.

Burke said sorority recruitment used to be incredibly expensive compared to other Big 12 Conference schools.

“The past two or three years now, the cost was over $200 to do sorority recruitment, and now it is down $65,” Burke said.

Another change to the process will allow women to move directly into the residence halls instead of having them live in a temporary residence on a recruitment floor.

Betsy Dunlap, Kappa Kappa Gamma president and senior in chemical engineering, said women participating in recruitment would not have to move into the residence halls, then back out on the last day.

Katie McKenzie, the other PHC director of recruitment and junior in mass communications, said the new process would also be easier on parents since they will not have to come to Manhattan twice, once to drop their daughters off for recruitment and then again to move them into the residence halls.

While PHC made the changes to be beneficial, there has been some concern about the new process. Burke said the main concern people have is with the women moving into the residence halls instead of the temporary residence halls because it is something PHC has never done before.

“I think people are just more worried about how are the girls are going to deal with not living on the same floor with a bunch of girls going through sorority recruitment,” Burke said. “We will still put them all in their recruitment groups, so they definitely have a group and still have recruitment guides to call if they have questions.”

To address concerns, Burke said recruiting directors have gone around to all the houses and given them ethical recruiting workshops to help sororities adjust to the new changes.

Ann Virgo, Gamma Phi Beta president and junior in marketing, said any time changes are implemented, the new system has to be relearned and new plans need to be integrated.

“I feel like overall, Greek affairs and K-State are not trying to make things harder but trying to implement the system to make it easier on the girls who are going through recruitment, because we want them to feel they have a fun and enjoyable experience,” Virgo said.

Virgo said sororities, fraternities and Greek Affairs work as a team.

“We’re a team so we work on the changes together, and the things that don’t work we change it, implement it and integrate it into the future,” she said.

Dunlap said there have been many positive and negative changes, but she thinks overall PHC is trying a lot of new things.

“I think it will be really positive, and they are trying to better the system,” Dunlap said.