Reproductive choice needs protection from President


    Where is my government? The civil rights of U.S. females have been continually raped and  pillaged by domestic terrorism.
    I cannot blame the family of Dr. George Tiller for closing Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita after his fatal shooting May 31. However, it is a tragedy that so much responsibility for women’s health care weighed upon Tiller’s shoulders. It is even more devastating that no one else is safe enough to pick up the slack.
    While alleged shooter Scott Roeder issues grandiose statements from jail, women who had appointments to receive legal medical treatment from the strongest pillar in Midwest reproductive rights are traveling further and waiting longer to be seen by a qualified doctor.
    Only a week since Tiller’s clinic closed, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri has begun to see an increase in contact with women from south-central Kansas, said the organization’s executive director, Peter Brownlie, in a Wichita Eagle article.
    “At the present time, there’s no place between Denver and Kansas City where a woman can obtain abortion care,” Brownlie said. “That’s a significant barrier for women throughout the state that have that need.”
    That need will not decrease with the outlawing of abortions. Anyway, as Tiller once said, “Prenatal testing without prenatal choices is medical fraud.”
    I need my president to assure me this country will not tolerate the intimidation of medical providers and half the American population. However, my patriotism has withered after witnessing the downfall of reproductive rights during the last decade at the hands of people who wish to limit American freedom.
    A timeline of Tiller’s career illustrates the escalating domestic terrorism quite clearly. No doctor should have to wear a flak jacket and drive to work in an armor-plated Jeep, but Tiller did for years. When he let his guard down to pray inside a religious sanctuary, he was shot point-blank by a man who is now protected from death by default Kansas law.
    President Obama, the rights of your citizens are dissolving in the courts while doctors are being killed for fulfilling the Hippocratic Oath. According to the mission statement of the Department of Homeland Security, the organization has a duty to “safeguard our people and their freedoms, critical infrastructure, property and the economy of our nation from acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other emergencies.”
    President Obama, I am begging you to give feminists a glimmer of hope that this unconstitutional trend will change.