Unmanned Jeep crashes into house


A runaway, unmanned Jeep Cherokee ran through a stop sign and struck the corner of a house just after 3:30 p.m. Monday.

The vehicle, travelling east, came from Fairview onto 17th Street, crossing directly in the path of Dusty Garner, Manhattan resident, who narrowly avoided colliding with the Jeep as he drove south.

“I had to hit my brakes pretty quick,” Garner said. Garner said at first he was mad that someone had run a stop sign in front of him, but then he suddenly realized no one was driving the vehicle.  

According to Garner, when he checked the vehicle, he noted that the keys were in the ignition and an open beer can was in the cup holder.

Another witness who asked not be named stopped and called the incident in to the police.

Nick Kenney, the resident of the house, said he came home to find the Jeep in his yard.  He said there was no serious damage to house.

In addition to taking statements from Garner and the other witness, police officers on the scene questioned two men.  One of the men was handcuffed and placed in a squad car after cursing and yelling loudly.

Officers on the scene made no comment. A call was returned by the Riley County Police Department but no further details would be available until Tuesday morning.