Editor-in-Chief looks to give readers a voice this semester


Every morning I walk into Kedzie Hall, stop by the newsstand and pick up the Collegian. And every day I expect to see relevant, interesting and newsworthy content on every page. You should expect the same. As the Editor-in-Chief it is my goal to make sure that the Collegian meets those expectations every day. The Collegian serves as the voice of K-State’s student body and members of the Manhattan community, so every time you pick up the paper or log on to kstatecollegian.com, you should find stories, photos, videos and editorials that represent you. I want to produce fair and accurate coverage of a wide diversity of events, groups and people at K-State and in Manhattan. The Collegian staff also aims to give our readers a voice in the Collegian through the Forum, letters to the editor, daily polls and guest editorials. During my time with the Collegian as a reporter, sports writer and metropolitan editor I covered a wide variety of people and issues on our campus and in our community. I hope to continue to do so as the Editor-in-Chief.