Fake IDs Common Problem In Aggieville


Squeezing yourself into a small, overcrowded bar that plays the same five Lil’ Wayne songs over and over. Spending all the money in your wallet and then overdrafting your account by $200. Waking up in a bush somewhere on Bluemont Avenue with a devastating hangover, a chipped tooth and no idea where your cell phone, wallet, shoes or sanity are.

These potential negatives aside, the appeal of Aggieville is undeniable. From the knowledge that the choice of drinks is infinitely more varied than at a house party, where your choices are likely to be Natty Light or more Natty Light, to the high-energy and frenzied excitement that fills the air, to the simple fact that Auntie Mae’s is infinitely cooler than the rickety beer pong table in your backyard, it is little surprise that thousands of K-State students use fake IDs to get into Aggieville bars.

Many K-State students admit that they frequently use their older friends’ or siblings’ IDs. While some students use IDs which look nearly identical to their real IDs, others manage to get into the bars with IDs that look almost nothing like them.

Matt, a sophomore in business, successfully gets into many bars with a license that is not only expired and from another state, but also looks almost nothing like him.

He explained his initial fear about using this ID.

“I had this thing for months before I actually tried it. I was terrified the first time I used it,” he said. “But the bouncer didn’t think twice about it. I’ve gone to the bars the last three nights without a single problem.”

One K-State junior who asked to be referred to as “Jersey” explained the extraordinary lengths he went to in order to get a fake ID. He and two friends drove all the way to Houston and bought fake IDs from a “novelty ID store.” The store charged $100 and let him choose from about a dozen states as well as choosing all the information on the ID. Jersey soon learned that a fraternity on campus had previously sent several members to the exact same store and got fake IDs for every underage member. Aggieville bouncers were familiar with these fakes and recognized his quickly.

He explained the very limited use he got out of the ID.

“It worked really well at first, but it was taken about a month after I got it. I sent my friend back in and had him buy it off the bouncer for fifty bucks, but then it still got taken at Pat’s [Blue Rib’n] two weeks later.”

Consequences for getting caught with a fake ID in Aggieville vary greatly depending on the bar. The majority of bars simply confiscate IDs they suspect are fake and kick the person out of the bar. However, Brad Heise, senior in construction science and management and a doorman at O’Malley’s, explained that they not only confiscate any ID of which they are suspicious, but also immediately call the police, as they are required to do by state law. However, in the majority of cases, the person runs away and is long gone before law enforcement arrives, Heise explained.

Several local bouncers agreed that they encounter IDs they suspect of being fake about once or twice a week. They also said that they see far more people attempting to use someone else’s ID than ones that are truly fake.

The penalty for students who choose to use fake IDs to go to Aggieville can be severe. Under Kansas law, anyone caught using either a fake ID or someone else’s ID can face a fine of up to $1,000. Typically the full fine is not enforced, and students are likely to receive a fine of several hundred dollars. Regardless, for the typical impoverished college student, several hundred dollars, plus the cost of drinks, may make a trip to Aggieville with a fake ID more expensive than the experience is worth.