Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

You have found a gem in Beth Mendenhall. If only all of your opinion articles could generate as much buzz on campus as her feminist approach to “Every Man a Wildcat” and her piece on vegetarianism as a lifestyle. Nobody says you have to agree with either article. Someone should tell her to look up some facts and make sure her numbers are correct before going to press, but both are well-written articles beyond these snafus.

Where your job comes into play is what I am truly interested in. Two days in a row there were published pieces presenting production agriculture in a very negative light. I am referring to the vegetarianism article as well as the Cargill funding. I believe the editor could do a better job of presenting, even if they are opinion, articles that are more representative of the student body here at K-State.

Here is a simple example: According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, only 2.8 percent of adult Americans consider themselves vegetarian. Let’s translate that to K-State numbers. Round the number of students on campus to 23,000; if percentages stayed accurate with national averages that means there are 529 students on campus who are vegetarian.

My point here is that in recent printing, you have completely missed the other side of the issue. You are ignoring the other 22,471 students who enjoy the benefits received from eating beef, chicken and pork. I have always learned that if you are going to complain, then you must provide a solution. My solution is that an article be constructed that presents the other side of production agriculture.

You would have agriculture communications majors lined up at the door to do the piece. Maybe then we can help readers understand that farmers and ranchers care about the food that they produce for the world. America has one of the cheapest and safest food supplies on earth and we need to learn to respect that. If we truly have a Collegian devoted to balanced coverage, start balancing out the mess that has been made.