K-State promotes globalization by offering Swahili courses


K-State offers a wide variety of foreign language courses. The editorial board feels that the expansion of the Swahili program will prove beneficial those K-Staters who choose to enroll in the course.

Swahili is spoken throughout many parts of Africa, and as countries in Africa become more involved in the global scheme of things, it is very important that we can communicate with them. K-State is definitely paving the way toward globalizing America by offering these courses, which will make its graduates more marketable.

Hopefully, having such a niche will allow graduates who have taken these courses find jobs faster than those without. With the state of the current job market, graduates will need all the help they can get when it comes time to find a job.

Currently, foreign language is a requirement for graduation for anyone seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree at K-State, and by offering Swahili courses, the university is allowing for some variety in the required classes for arts students.

We hope that as the university grows, it’s administration will continue to look for new ways to make K-State degrees more marketable. We also commend K-State for it’s commitment to ensuring it’s graduates are well rounded and their degrees are of value.