Resources should belong to the people, not government entities



The point clearly missed by most people is that of property rights. Land, resources on that land, cattle, the feed that goes into the cattle — these things are not public property whose use is determined by a public majority, intellectual elites or politicians in Washington.

First of all, things aren’t a “resource” until there is a man willing to make something out of what was previously useless. Secondly, if the majority of ranches are being used to produce meat instead of vegetables, which they aren’t, it’s only an indication of where the demand is. Thirdly, what a person does on his ranch is his or her business. That’s his or her livelihood.

If you are trying to prove public water is being contaminated, well what’s going to happen when the government that leased the water is in bed with the leasee in some political favor business?

The government has gotten involved in private enterprise when it shouldn’t have. Slimy people, rather than going out and producing something with their lives, aspire to political power so they can gain access to power over public resources, which they will leverage in deals for personal gain. Don’t give the government these powers and resources in the first place, and you avoid these messes.

Privatize all resources. Even water.

You need water to live you say. But what about food? That’s privatized, and we are better off for it. No long breadlines here in the U.S. Let an entrepreneur loose on his river and see how clean and plentiful he can make that water because that’s how he would sustain his business and his life. You can’t make money on dirty water.

Have some faith in your fellow man. If left to produce, it is not in his interest to screw you over. We can all prosper by our own efforts if given the chance. The government you see today is not the same one that was designed to protect our individual rights. It’s a ruse and the source of all these problems.

But then again, without all those problems, how could most of the bureaucrats justify their existence?

-Mark Holton
 2nd Year Architecture Major