K-State men differ in underwear preferences


A commonly asked question, although not heard every day, is “Boxers or briefs?” K-State students have the answer.

A lack of boxers or briefs, also known as “commando,” is another option in the mix.

Now, simply because it is a choice, does that mean men actually will begin to admit they choose to go commando, or do they truly wear underwear? Dave Colmer, senior in construction management, explains the situation from his personal experiences.

“Yes, some guys go commando,” Colmer said. “My roommate used to do it quite often, mostly when he ran out of underwear. I don’t understand going commando yet. Maybe someday [I will], but not anytime soon. I wear boxer briefs because they give the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs.”

According to several K-State students, when asked, “Boxers, briefs or commando?” they responded with either boxers or boxer briefs. From their answers, it seems that many do not wear briefs on a daily basis. But Michael Williamson, freshman in open option, proves briefs do come out on special occasions.

“Boxers. They offer room to breathe,” Wilziamson said. “Briefs, for when I wanna keep it in place.”

Girls seem to understand this logic. Logan Hedlund, junior in agricultural business, and girlfriend Heather Gibson, freshman in agricultural business, have a mutual understanding on the subject of men’s underwear.

“Well, I prefer boxer briefs,” Hedlund said. “Definitely gotta have a home for the boys. You can’t let the horse run free in the barn, if you know what I mean.”

Despite a smile after Hedlund’s response, Gibson felt the need to professionalize his words.

“Boxer briefs, because if guys went commando they might pinch themselves for lack of protection. Right?” Gibson said.

Underwear preference is about the specific male. Many guys think of themselves when choosing underwear. Men have to be able to express what works for them to decide if they are a boxer, brief, boxer brief or commando kind of guy.

Collin Van Sloten, sophomore in construction science, said he wears boxers to protect his sperm count. (A widespread myth is that briefs decrease sperm count because of the close-knit area; therefore, a number of men wear boxers.)

Craighton Carey, freshman in music education, wears boxer briefs because he said they are the most comfortable.

But, what about a girl’s input? Laura Geiger, senior in architectural engineering, has a differing reason for preferring guys who wear boxers or boxer briefs.

“They’re not so revealing and seem more comfortable for the guy,” Geiger said.

Whether it is comfort for the man or comfort for the girl, wearing the guy’s underwear, boxers and boxer briefs appear to have a hold on the No. 1 spot on the underwear charts.