University wastes funds on Hale


Dear Editor,

Karen Ingram is so very right on in her Collegian editorial of Sept. 24. All summer I protested the new-carpet waste in Hale to no avail, of course. The “old” carpet was better than what’s in my house, which on a faculty salary I can ill afford to (and on environmental grounds, do not want to) replace.

By the way, that $175,000 estimate probably doesn’t speak to the environmental problem that the disposal of the old carpet will create. I was told that, yes, the university is in a budget crisis, but the money for this renovation — note, renovation, not essential repair — was budgeted two years ago!

Oh, I see: This family has been paying into a special bank account each month for the last two years in order to buy a new car; the breadwinner has just lost his job. Do they go ahead and buy the car, or do they use that money to live on? Seems like a “no-brainer” question to most of us.

-R.B. Burckel
 Professor of mathematics