Brownback lets women down


Dear Editor:

It would seem that in the fight against sexual violence, Sen. Sam Brownback is on the side of … sexual violence?

This last week Sen. Al Franken had his amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill pass. This amendment withheld defense contracts from organizations that in any way, shape or form attempted to stop employees from taking sexual harassment/assault cases to court. While some Republicans voiced support for the amendment, one who voted nay stood out to me: Sam Brownback.

Yes. The man who wants to be the governor of Kansas is opposed to preventing sexual assault.

I suppose anyone who knows anything about Sen. Brownback could tell you that he is a staunch pro-lifer with a commitment toward ensuring life for all unborn children. To all those female children that he “saves,” I have a message:

I’m sorry to say that Sen. Brownback is only going to be your advocate until you’re born. When you were a fetus, he seemed like your best friend, but now that you’re here it must feel strange to not have the senator by your side.

What happens to you isn’t as important as making sure you’re around to experience it. So, what if you get gang-raped by your co-workers and held captive by your employers like Jamie Leigh Jones in 2005? Sen. Brownback made sure you were here! That’s all that it takes to let him sleep at night.

Let’s also remember that this isn’t the first time the senator has voted in an anti-woman manner. He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Act, the Equal Pay Bill and an amendment in 1996 that helped further educational equity.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by Sen. Brownback. Why would I assume he supports a woman’s safety over business’ interests?