Community recycling event successful despite cold weather


Frigid temperatures did not deter people from participating in the community recycling event hosted by ESB Financial Saturday. More than 100 cars passed through the ESB Financial parking lot between 9 a.m. and noon.

This marked the second year the Manhattan branch of ESB Financial has offered an event to shred private documents and educate the public about identity theft. This year was made a much larger event by inviting several other businesses to participate and put a greater emphasis on recycling. Participants included Sunset Zoo, Eastside Market and Green Apple Curbside Recycling.

Document Resources Inc. was on hand to shred customers’ old personal documents, such as bank or credit card statements. The truck, capable of holding about two tons of shredded paper, was three-quarters full by noon. ESB representatives provided customers with information on the importance of shredding such documents to protect their information from identity theft.

Doug Markham of Green Apple Curbside Recycling also had his truck on hand to accept household recyclables, such as cans, plastic or glass bottles and newspaper. Markham said he was delighted to be a part of the event and hopes to participate again next year.

The ESB Financial employees offered to help customers by carrying boxes for them so they could stay in their warm cars. Many customers, however, still chose to brave the cold for a few minutes to chat with Allie Lousch and Jeremy Thornbrugh of Sunset Zoo as they donated old electronics. Families ventured over to the zoo van with Thornbrugh to pet a bunny they had brought, while Lousch gave donors free coffee cups and signed them up for a raffle drawing. Prizes included a T-shirt, jewelry and a free zoo pass.

The donated electronics will be sent to EcoPhones, a recycling company that participates in fundraiser events. The money EcoPhones paid for the electronics will go to Sunset Zoo’s snow leopard conservation efforts. Some of the electronics donated Saturday included VCRs, DVD players, digital cameras, printer cartridges and dozens of cell phones.

Desiree Foster, teller supervisor at ESB Financial, said a bag full of cell phones was found tied to their front door when they arrived in the morning. Tim Clark, Manhattan resident and the architect who designed the ESB Financial building, arrived to donate an old amplifier he had bought as a freshman at K-State.

“This is a great opportunity ESB put on to clear out the clutter,” Clark said.

In all, 139 cars came during the three-hour event. This was just shy of ESB Financial’s goal of 150, but they were all very satisfied with the outcome.

“I think we had a very successful day and I am thrilled for the zoo,” said Karen Sommers, vice president of marketing at ESB Financial.

David Urban, president of the Manhattan branch of ESB Financial, was very pleased with the results from partnering with other local businesses for the event.

“I think it has the potential to be even bigger [next year],” Urban said.

ESB Financial is still accepting donations of personal electronics during this week. Questions on what can be donated should be directed to ESB Financial at 785-539-3553.