Losses come harder with out Prince scapegoat


Getting blown out has never been fun, but it is certainly much harder to watch this football season.

K-State’s 66-14 loss at Texas Tech Saturday, was one of the Wildcats’ several lop-sidded beatings over the last three seasons, but it left a particularly bad taste in our mouths. It is tough watching Bill Snyder, a football coach many of us grew up loving, and some of us desperately wished would stay retired and untarnished, struggle to keep an opponent from scoring 70 points, with a back-up quarterback.

At least, during Ron Prince’s last two seasons as K-State’s head coach, we had a scapegoat for our frustrations. After Prince’s big losses, which included a 73-31 beat-down at Nebraska (also against a back-up quarterback), a 58-28 loss to Texas Tech, a 58-35 loss to Oklahoma and a 52-21 blow-out at Kansas last year, K-State fans could take solace in the fact that each blow-out meant Prince was that much closer to leaving K-State.

For fans who wanted Prince fired, each loss became and exclamatory “I told you so,” to Prince and the administration that hired him.

After all, it is hard for fans to watch a team lose badly and to respect the head coach. Time will tell which one changes first with Snyder.