Historical riots easily forgotten


As the 25th anniversary of the Aggieville riots rapidly approached, our staff found it very interesting how little information can be found online about the events.

In a time where Google searches can result in what seems to be endless information on any topic, the Aggieville riots have remained off many online radars. To the credit of the local business community, they were able to quickly clean up the aftermath of the riots and restore Aggieville to a functioning form.

The ability to bury events like those is becoming increasingly harder with the advent of digital technology. We at the Collegian appreciate this. Just because an event casts a dark shadow on a time in our history does not mean it should be ignored.

Understanding the riots and how they transpired is the first step in helping the community to avoid crossing into a chaotic scene as they did in 1984 and again in 1986.

The community should not embrace the actions of the thousands on Oct. 13, but should acknowledge them and make the current student body aware of this historical occurrence.