Vaccine misinformation


Dear Editors:

I am quite sure you’ll get a large response to Greg Scott’s opinions on the H1N1 vaccines. But in case you don’t, you need to seriously consider correcting the misinformation in this opinion piece.

I am mostly in agreement with Mr. Scott’s words of caution to do your own research (clearly, he didn’t), and to take better care of yourself to hopefully avoid illnesses of any type. I do draw the line at incorrect statements that blur the line of journalistic professionalism. Please see this link, from the CDC, that states known facts:

1) There is no squalene in the American versions of the H1N1 vaccine. Some in Europe still use this, but not in the United States.

2) There is Thimerosal in the multi-dose vaccines, but the single-dose vaccines and nasal FluMist vaccines do not contain Thimerosal. These are the ones most often recommended for children and pregnant women.

As journalists, you are responsible to provide accurate information, especially regarding a topic of such importance. Please do the right thing.

– Kathy Sargent, MT(ASCP), KSU Alumni