Editors share Thanksgiving memories


A few years ago I was horsing around with my brothers on Thanksgiving break, and my older brother tried to kick me and missed. I kicked him back and broke a bone in his hand. Tyler doesn’t mess with me anymore.

-Joel Aschbrenner, Editor-in-Chief

My siblings and I made up a holiday called “Cimaninorang Day” that happens to fall on Thanksgiving where we give each other gifts from The Dollar Tree.

-Matt Binter, Managing Editor

Senior year of high school, some girls from our dance team and I got to dance in front of Macy’s and then walk in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We ended up eating Thanksgiving dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, but it was worth it.

-Bethaney Wallace, Co-copy Chief

One year, my family went to Cancun for Thanksgiving, which was great, but I was craving mashed potatoes all week, and instead we had Italian food on the holiday.

-Sarah Rajewski, News Editor

I suppose my favorite Thanksgiving memory would have to be last year when we also celebrated my great-grandmother Frieda’s 100th birthday.

-Tim Schrag, Campus Editor

At my in-laws’ house, Thanksgiving is a big deal. Family flies in from all over the country and we have a great time. It’s more of a family fun weekend than just a meal. Good food, wine and great company.

-Jason Miller, Metro Editor

This one time, I got together with a bunch of people I’m related to and we ate a bunch of food. Sorry, I can’t say anything crazy has happened.

-Justin Nutter, Sports Editor

One Thanksgiving, I didn’t eat anything the day before or until Thanksgiving dinner so I could eat a lot. Instead, I fainted from hunger before dinner even started.

-Elena Buckner, Edge Editor

I remember eating a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the family, then grabbing a few beers, a few shotguns and clay pigeons to shoot at.

-Frank Male, Opinion Editor

My dad and I visited my grandpa in Florida, and he doesn’t like getting his kitchen dirty, nor does he cook. So, we went to Perkins for Thanksgiving.

-Rachel Spicer, Presentation Editor