New year brings new ideas, changes


Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to be the student editor for the spring semester at the Collegian. I’ve listened to students, faculty and other Manhattan citizens discuss their thoughts and feelings about the Collegian for the past three years. My goal this semester is to improve those things people complained about the most. First, the Web site. My staff will work around the clock to provide more content online and have began an extensive redesign of the Web site. I encourage everyone to log on each day and follow the changes as they happen.

Along with redesigning online, our design editors have taken up the challenge to redesign the flag as well. The second biggest complaint centered on content. My staff spent many hours brainstorming ideas to improve it. While I realize the Fourum was extremely popular — for both good and bad reasons, it was the least newsworthy and least credible content in the paper. Replacing the Fourum has been a challenge for the staff not only because it was off beat and often amusing, but also because it was a direct result of the readers’ desire to be heard. Do not be disheartened by this change; tomorrow we will be launching one of the replacements that gives our readers a chance to see their stories in print and provide light-hearted entertainment to all the readers as well. We always welcome feedback on everything printed in the paper, but please do not arbitrarily discount our efforts to improve the content because you enjoyed the Fourum and are sad to see it replaced.

Corene Brisendine
Senior in print journalism