Fourum should be printed


Dear Editor,

As I realize you are attempting to reach your goal for the Collegian to be known as more than just another university newspaper and more an actual news source, I must warn you, what you are doing is killing a fan base. Students read other articles because the Fourum is there. Sure there are plenty of students that read the Fourum and toss the rest in the trash. However, for many, it is the hook that leads to looking at the rest of the paper. Due to the location of the Fourum, one can’t help but see a few headlines that might be interesting.
Furthermore, it gives students the feel that it is “their” newspaper. It is an idea that originated here at K-State and due to its wild success, it is now a common point in nearly every newspaper in Kansas, university or otherwise. I’m aware that you may have other ideas that seem much better while brainstorming, but simplicity is often the best solution and it would be nearly impossible to simplify the Fourum. The more complicated you get, the less likely students will be to participate.

As for it being newsworthy, how can you post that it is not? What do students talk about? The Fourum. One could argue that Beth Mendenhall commanded more attention last semester, but that fad has passed and it was also orchestrated by what people said about her in the Fourum. The unique thing about the Fourum is that it is not a fad. It is shapes to the situation. Sure sometimes it is nothing but “Chaos” but not every article is a stroke of genius. We could say the same about many of your staff.

If you want to truly listen to students, as you claim to have done (and do not forget this is a STUDENT newspaper, faculty and Manhattan residents’ opinions need not apply), then do not get rid of it. Students do not want to lose it, plain and simple.

Curtis Concannon
sophomore in biology