Device connects mom, baby


This month, Nuvo Group, Inc. placed an item on the market that would end the boredom felt by a fetus during those nine long months.

The Ritmo’trade; Advanced Sound System, added to an iPod, MP3 player, iPhone or Blackberry, provides sound and music for any mom-to-be and the child in the womb to enjoy together.

But the makers behind the product, who describe themselves as full-time parents ‘who also happen to be internationally recognized engineers, award-winning designers, and entrepreneurs,’ want this interaction to go beyond the mother.

‘Why not get Dad and other family members involved? Record Dad reading his favorite children’s book, siblings talking, grandparents singing a lullaby, or the family dog barking. Babies remember and prefer sounds they heard before they were born,’ said Nuvo Group, Inc.

Their product, which is scientifically proven to be effective on human fetal development, is all about the healthy growth of the new life and the bond formed between its excited family members. Since they are parents themselves, the creators designed it with women’s lifestyles in mind.

‘My Ritmo is so comfortable I wear it when I’m cleaning house, watching TV, or even reading a book,’ said Tara Meussling. ‘I am a big fan of the Temptations so I play them on my Ritmo so my baby can enjoy it too. When he starts moving, I know it’s working!’

Right now, Ritmo’trade; Pregnancy is available, while later development applications have yet to be released. More information can be found at