Health care act would benefit US


Obama is right about passing health care. By bending the cost curve, it will get our fiscal house in order. The U.S. Senate probably needs to pass a health care bill that is similar to the Healthy Americans Act. It will not raise taxes, will not raise premiums and will not expand the size of government. The Congressional Budget Office scored it as deficit-neutral. The Lewin Group endorses this bill.

The health care companies should be regulated to give choice and competition to all U.S. citizens. It leads to affordable, portable and quality-based health care. It is my opinion that we should gradually phase out an employer-based health care system. The Healthy Americans Act is only a bill that has to pass both the U.S. Senate and House. The failure of politicians to embrace this bill is somewhat sad. If ordinary people actually knew about this bill, they would demand U.S. senators vote for this piece of legislation.

If the current health care bill is passed with 60 votes, it will be considered a partisan bill. However, a better bill like the bipartisan Healthy Americans Act would establish an effective way to overhaul one-seventh of our nation’s economy. It would lead to national consensus on health care and leave Americans feeling better about our political system.

As a Democrat, I hope the Senate Democratic leadership listens to Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Bob Bennett, R-Utah. They have ideas to reform health care. A bipartisan bill helps the U.S. compete in a global economy. Those folks from “Status Quo Caucus” of Big Labor and Big Business are against the Healthy Americans Act. These very same people are afraid of change. They are the reason why the auto industry is ailing. Passing health care allows people to live out their dreams.

– Joel C. Groninga, Agricultural Assistant, Division of Facilities