Student fuses biological family, sorority on sibling’s day


I have noticed that often all it takes to feel thankful in life is to simply be reminded of what I have. On Saturday, at the Sigma Kappa Sibling’s Day Cupid’s Carnival, I had the wonderful opportunity of meshing my two families — my biological family and my sorority sisterhood. My brother, Clay, ventured down from Lawrence to join the fun and my sister, Britney, sacrificed time away from her never-ending architecture studio work to share this special day.

The fun began at 11 in the morning with a much-needed trip to Starbucks, where I successfully convinced Clay and Britney that white chocolate mochas are indeed the most delicious coffee drink in the universe.

After we filled ourselves with caffeine, we arrived at the Sigma Kappa sorority house at noon. The structured activities did not begin for another hour, so we did what any set of siblings does when with free time — we took pictures in our awesome matching sibling’s day T-shirts. I was particularly excited to take a picture with my siblings on the grand staircase, because I envisioned how excellent it would look and how much my mother would enjoy it. I asked a trusted friend of mine to be our photographer as Britney, Clay and I posed on the staircase. After my friend snapped the picture, I was anxious to see the turnout.

Just then, my friend slyly said, “Oh, that is just great.”

After I gave her a curious look, she continued with a smile, “Britney did just what any sibling would do.”

As I glanced at the review screen on my camera, I witnessed the display of Clay’s grin, my smile and Britney giving Clay and I the age-old bunny ears.

Before the activities began, we were able to meet and talk with a diverse array of siblings, ranging in age from 3 to 30. Not to worry though, sorority members without brothers or sisters or whose siblings could not attend, felt more than welcome to bring along a close friend.

My friend Kaitlyn, for example, welcomed one of her best friends from Alpha Xi Delta sorority to the sibling’s day fun. After a delicious luncheon and entertainment from a Sigma Kappa named Lisa along with the K-State Tap Ensemble, the Cupid’s Carnival was ready to kick off.

The carnival featured about 10 riveting games each set up in a different room in the house. Most popular games included the Cake Walk, Balloon Pop and Ducks in a Pond. Sigma Kappas volunteered to lead the games, hand out tickets to winners and keep the environment exciting. I admired Amber’s enthusiastic and creative rendition to Ducks in a Pond, which left confused participants doubled over in laughter. Another member named Samm created a more remarkable Cake Walk by offering participants a high-five each lap around the circle.

At the end of the day, I walked away with a stronger bond with my siblings, a cake, large amounts of sugar and lollipops and an inevitable appreciation for my fellow Sigma Kappas.