Ensuring safe food on agenda for City


Tonight, the Manhattan City Commission will meet for its regular work session at 5 p.m. and a special commission meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

After hearing the consent agenda, commissioners will hear recommendations for the addition of a food safety position, the annexing and rezoning of Grand Bluffs and the construction of a “way finder” sculpture in the roundabout at Fourth Street and Bluemont Avenue.

First the commissioners will discuss the problems surrounding the loss of about $60,000 in annual funding for the Riley County-Manhattan Health Department. The funding cuts were made by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, KDA, as a budget-saving measure.

City Administration will give the Commission several ideas as to how the services the food safety inspector provided, such as lodging inspections, temporary/special event inspections, etc., might be preserved without hiring a new inspector.

The Commission will then hear an annexation and rezoning request from Mill Pointe Land Company. The site, named Grand Bluffs, is located south of the existing dead-end of Leone Ridge Drive, and is about 60 acres. It is currently zoned as a General Agriculture District, but is proposed to be rezoned as a Single-Family Residential District.

Lastly, the Commission will hear the final design plans for the installation of a monument/sculpture in the center of the roundabout at Fourth Street and Bluemont Avenue. Commissioners are expected to make a decision regarding the final design plans.

The monument/sculpture was designed as a “way finder,” and is intended to provide directional signage pointing toward K-State, downtown Manhattan, among other venues in the community. The monument/sculpture is designed to be about 19-feet high, and will have a total width of 25 feet.

The meeting will be held in City Hall, located at 1101 Poyntz Avenue.

Citizens are encouraged to attend, but can also view the meeting on cable channel 3.