Students support Seniors’ Center


Dear Editor,

You know how good you feel when everything just works out? I had one of those feelings last week.

Five K-State social work students — Erin Dusek, Andrea Fulks, Angela Schmitt, Jessica Boone and Rachel Doull — coordinated and facilitated a fundraising project for the Riley County Seniors’ Service Center last week at the K-State Union.

The K-State Social Work Club and two Seniors’ Center volunteers, Marge Holderman and Elaine Shea, assisted with the project. Jewelry and fashion accessories donated by our members and sold by the students became $600 for the Seniors’ Center to purchase new furniture.

The Seniors’ Center would like to thank these students, the Social Work Club, the Union and Seniors’ Center volunteers and members for making the project a success.

The Seniors’ Center, located at 412 Leavenworth St., will also be hosting its annual Spring Indoor Sale on April 27-29 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We always have a great selection of vintage and retro items to share and recycle with community members.

Again, thank you to the K-State community for supporting the Seniors’ Center.

Susan Peterson, ‘81- 83′, Assistant Director Riley County Seniors’ Service Center