Shot Stop charity for Alzheimer’s Assc.


Recently, Aggieville’s Shot Stop began a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. Patrons can pay to have their name placed next to the shot of their choice on the bar’s wall.

Shot Stop, as the name suggests, is well-known for the bar’s variety of shots. The names of the bar’s specialty shots are written on a blackboard behind the bar and they are placed under different categories, including, “Value Menu,” “Top Taste,” “Top Shots 2009” and “Bombs.”

Every semester, the categories and the shots are changed on the blackboard. All the money raised that semester by people who paid to add their name to the blackboard is then donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Robert Cillessen, manager at Shot Stop and senior in finance, said each Monday a store employee adds the names of the patrons who donated throughout the previous week to the wall.

“There were about 20 names for the first few Mondays,” Cillesen said.

Cilleson said Shot Stop management decided to start the fundraiser because they figured people would want to put their names on the board.

“It’s just something nice to do,” Cilleson said. “We could’ve kept the money, but it’s good to give back, ya know?”

Patrons who wish to put their name next to a shot must fill out a slip which is printed at the bar’s register. They write down their name, address and e-mail, and also add the name of the shot they want to claim.

The cost to add a name to the blackboard is $10. At the end of the semester, when the shots on the blackboard are changed, the donated money is collected and then Shot Stop matches the patrons’ donations.

“I haven’t donated to have my name on the board yet,” said John Rees, senior in accounting and finance. “But it’s really a great thing that they are doing.”

Cilleson said when the bar began accepting donations for putting patron’s names on the blackboard, there were some problems with people paying to add friends’, particularly ex-girlfriends’ or ex-boyfriends,’ names next to the bar’s more vulgar or sexually suggestive shots.

“We have a ‘No Ex’s Allowed’ sign now,” Cillesen said.

Additional restrictions include that the bartender is required to check the patron’s driver’s license – or a picture ID – to prove the patron’s name matches the name to be added.