Jake and Buddy Halloween costumes


Let me tell you about a girl I know.

So there’s this girl who comes into my work every so often. I met her one night a couple years ago. We had some drinks, we had some laughs, she gave me her number, I called, she didn’t answer and that was that.

As I said, though, she comes into my work every once in a while; not a lot, but a little. She smiles often when she sees me. I know her. I know exactly who she is every time I see her. Her abundant smiles and generic strangerly conversation lead me to believe she knows it’s me too, but she’s too shy to speak up. The way she moves makes me think she knows it’s me … but this is impossible.

A little over two years ago I was at Jake and Buddy’s Halloween Party, a.k.a. “Jake-a-palooza.” Scott and I went as Jake and Buddy, Buddy being Jake’s all-too-missed former beagle-basset hound.

To be Jake we stole some of his clothes and strapped a wig and a mustache on Scott. “Wham-O,” said Bill Cosby (Jake).

To be Buddy … now that’s a whole different story. If dogs could be knighted, Buddy would have been, nay, Buddy would have been doing the knighting. The wisest creature I’ve ever known, Buddy’s deep, loving eyes, howling, beautiful face and labored yet artistic trot will nary be forgotten. To realize the amount of planning and work that went into this costume is to realize only a small piece of the wonder he was.

Anyway, I was Buddy. I was decked out in a full-Buddy onesie, complete with ample face paint. It was as Buddy I met this girl. So I know, without a doubt, she has no idea who I actually am. Still, she smiles.

I know what she looks like because she was the only one at Jake-a-palooza not wearing a costume. This fact lead to our initial conversation and after several drinks, we decided she needed to be Buddy briefly … everyone needs to be Buddy briefly. If all the world could see through his eyes and know his thoughts for just a second, the only tears shed would be those of elation, and they’d probably taste like pizza. Buddy loved pizza. Every so often he’d trot up to the porch with a piece hanging halfway out his mouth. We never did find out where he was keeping it.

So I stripped down to my knickers and she suited up. She wore it proudly and it sagged off her a bit‚ just like Buddy. During the process of arranging Buddy’s belly cushions, I may or may not have grabbed her boob. Keep in mind this was entirely unintentional and I’m not even sure it even happened. I was honestly just trying to get the costume right, out of respect for Buddy. And like I said, there was a lot of padding in that costume so maybe I didn’t grab her boob. But maybe I did.

So now, each time I see her and she smiles as if she knows me, I smile back knowing full well she has no clue it was me that night that may or may not have grabbed her boob in a Buddy costume.