Right clothes key to fighting nerves


I spend more time than I would like to admit getting ready to go out on a date. I fuss over every detail. I mix, match, try on and take off more clothes than I knew I had. I take many aspects into account. But I always make sure my clothes go well with the type of date.

Dates are supposed to be fun. So, dress for the date!

I like to think of the classic dinner and movie duo as a great, simple way to start getting to know someone, but it is also a fun way to explore outfit choices. Dinner and a movie doesn’t have to be fancy or even a first date, but finding clothes that make you comfortable is what counts.

If this is a first date, make sure you ask about the restaurant. Not to be rude, but being under-dressed is more of an issue than being too curious about food. One great first-date outfit is a top and tailored jeans.

Dark, well-fitting jeans can really make an impressive statement. When trying jeans on, check for length and fit around the waist. Jeans that are too tight are a sure way to feel both mentally and physically uncomfortable. Dark jeans create a long, slim leg effect. Also, dark bottoms allow for a more expressive top selection.

Since summer is just around the corner, picking a colored top is a fun, simple way to show off your personality. Think about colors that are flattering with your skin tone. I can’t wear yellow or orange. I tried and I failed. Miserably.

Look for tops that create a happy medium in your outfit. Ruffles, sequins, bows and polka dots are fabulous and make for a fun shirt. But all of that, on one person, is a lot for anyone to process. Pick one and play it up. If you have a bow on your shirt, find a fun bracelet with a crystal bow or shoes with a bow on the toe.

Guys, I have similar advice for you. One giant pet peeve of mine is when a guy is dressed really well and his jeans are destroyed. Rips, tears and bleach stains make jeans unique, but keep those jeans for another date. Again, dark and tailored is the way to go. Keep polo shirts and button-down shirts clean and pressed. Please, wear socks. They are a must on a date, unless you are in the water.

One date I have always loved is picnics. I like to be outside, and picnics are great this time of year. When the weather is right for picnics, the weather is right for sundresses.

Sundresses are a staple for any closet. You can wear them longer during the year than most other items. Floral or plain, short or long, sundresses are a lot of fun.

This summer, with “western” style being the newest thing, paring a great floral sundress with cute boots make a simple, clean combination. Add a big, chunky bracelet and some hoop earrings to solidify the look. Keep makeup simple and fresh for an outdoor date.

If the date is more adventurous than a picnic, it would be a time to go a bit more relaxed. Think about olive green shorts, black ribbed tank top and some walking boots or clean tennis shoes.

When it comes to these kinds of dates, guys, things can be a bit more relaxed for you too. Look at plain T-shirts and jeans. If you want to wear a baseball cap, go for it. Showing little details about yourself are good conversation starters. Sandals are an acceptable shoe for a picnic.

Try to stay away from pool sandals and flip flops, even though an outdoor setting is more relaxed. Unless the date is near water, those types of sandals are not necessary. If you do go on an adventure date, stay with comfortable walking shorts and tennis shoes.

There are always great outfits for all different kinds of dates, but keep in mind where you are going and what fits well. Dark jeans are a must, unless jeans will make the outfit under-dressed. The more comfortable you are in your outfit, the more relaxed you will be.