Beef farmers helping save the Earth too


Dear Editor,

Growing up as the daughter of two graduates of environmental programs, I was raised learning about different ways to help the environment. Now, as a student in an animal science program, I have found there is no better way to be green than by promoting positive animal agriculture.

Today, beef producers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint every day. Agriculture only contributes to approximately 6 percent of methane emissions, and the benefits of beef production outweigh this by a landslide.

Beef can provide people with 10 essential nutrients that help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These nutrients include zinc, iron, protein, and B vitamins which are hard to find in this quantity, for this price anywhere else. Also, there are 29 different options of beef cuts that are considered lean by the U.S. government guidelines. This allows Americans to enjoy their favorite beef products such as a T-bone steak or filet mignon without worrying about negative side affects. The fat marbling included in these cuts is not unhealthy; it is actually good for your heart.

Animal agriculture producers work hard to produce the safest, healthiest products. We love being able to wake up each day and care for these animals that will go on to feed the rest of the world.

– Maura Cornell, Senior in animal science and industry/pre-vet, Pre-Vet Club Ag Council representative