Comic book rendition visually entertaining


New to the box office this week is Warner Bros. latest film “The Losers.” Adapted from a comic book series, this throwback-style action film is all about the guts and never about the glory.

A group of CIA ops soldiers are sent to Bolivia to take out a local enemy. Noticing a group of children, the team tries to call in an abort but it is overridden. Tasked with saving the lives of the children, the team goes in and gets the kids out before an airstrike hits. Unfortunately, Max (Jason Patric), the evil henchman of the airwaves, orders a strike on the exit helicopter and all of the children are murdered.

Bent on vengeance, the team fakes its death and spends the next few months living their ghost lives in Bolivia. Colonel Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) meets up with a woman who has been following him, tries to kill him and ultimately informs the group of disgruntled fighters that she, too, is searching for Max. She wants him dead and so do they.

As the team sneaks back into the United States to wage war within its own borders on a man they have never seen, the team is pulled apart by deceit and jealousy.

“The Losers” is a very nicely directed and visually stimulating film. With creative comic book artwork and a very action-packed storyline, the majority of the movie will keep your eyes glued.

Albeit very entertaining, “The Losers” script left a bit to be desired. So many times the characters would have a completely meaningless conversation that was both awkward and unimportant. Sometimes, these little asides were worth laughing at but for the most part it, just left me thinking, “Why was that important at all?”

Visually, again, this movie was aces. The weapons were simply impressive from tons of small ammunition to a sonic pulse bomb that could wipe out an entire island with no actual explosion. According to Max, this is the weapon of choice for the “green terrorist” of the future. The use of the technology was impressive and a really cool idea.

As expected from such a macho movie, there were plenty of senseless killings that were completely unnecessary and a lot of in-your-face action that wasn’t realistic, even for special ops. But if it’s a guy night you want, this movie could be your dig.

Overall, the movie was very entertaining. If you want to analyze and reach deep, you aren’t going to get far with this movie. But if you just want to have a little fun and see a bunch of stuff get blown up, then get to the theater and watch “The Losers.”

– Aaron Weiser is a senior in economics. Send comments to