Edboard: What is your favorite summer memory?


What is your favorite summer memory?

“Going to the movies with my dad and sister.” – Karen Ingram, opinion editor

“Watching my sister walk down the aisle at her wedding.” – Carrie Gilliam, edge editor

“Hanging out with my family over July 4th in Wisconsin.” – Anthony Drath, online/multimedia editor

“Hearing that my twin nieces, Harper and Pearl, were born.” – Rachel Urban, news editor

 “Hanging out at the pool almost everyday with my best friend.” – Jennifer Heeke, photo editor

“Sleeping in, swimming and just being a general bum. I also enjoyed all the weddings I got to help out with.” – Hannah Blick, copy chief

 “Lakeside cookouts followed by an evening swim and not worrying about responsibilities, like paying rent and shaving.” – Matt Binter, managing editor

“Putting together the summer editions of the Collegian with all my friends and let’s not forget Principles of Biology.” – Tim Schrag, editor-in-chief

“Getting out of Kansas for a few days and going to Washington D.C. with my family.” – Owen Praeger, presentation editor

“Traveling around the world to India for two weeks to hang out with gypsies.” – Tiffany Roney, campus/metro editor

“Camping and taking photos in various national parks with my family.” – Carlos Salazar, presentation editor