Hale Library to welcome new food venue


Students walking into Hale Library this fall will smell something different.


Einstein Bros. Bagels will replace the Book End Café on the ground floor of Hale during the Fall 2010 semester.

Students’ feedback about wanting more food and beverage choices in the library prompted the change. Also, the Book End Café’s location made it difficult for customers to get in and out quickly, and long lines were a hassle.

Matt Pray, marketing director for K-State Student Union Food Service said Book End Café was smaller and had a limited menu, and Einstein Bros. Bagels adds more to Hale.

“It has a full eatery with bagels and sandwiches,” Pray said. “They have a breakfast portion, a lunch portion and even a dinner portion. It’s going to be a full menu, so they’ll be able to accommodate a lot more requests.”

Pray said Einstein Bros. will provide bagels, paninis, pizza bagels, bagel dogs, deli sandwiches, specialty coffee drinks, regular beverages (Pepsi products) and pastries. To-go foods will also be available.

“I think that it will be more convenient as a consumer, simply because I found the Book End Café to be too small and cramped,” said Shawn Dunbar, senior in political science and pre-law.

That’s not the only change coming to Hale Library. The 24-hour area will also be remodeled.

The vending machines from the 24-hour area have already been moved to the alcove where the Book End Café used to be.

Einstein Bros. will be placed in the study room between the curved wall and where the vending machines used to be.

“The entire rest of the space, which has been study space up until now, will continue to be study space, but probably more a little in the cyber café type of way, as opposed to what it’s been right now,” said Roberta Johnson, senior director of administrative and IT services for the K-State Libraries.

The study area’s floors will be re-done and topped off with new furniture. The room will also be rearranged to promote collaboration and the increasing use of technology. Furniture will be strategically arranged around power sources and more computers will be added to the study room.

“We hope to have the same number of computers, maybe one more,” Johnson said. “But we’re also hoping to provide some furniture that allows for laptop use; the tables arranged in such a way that power and data is more available to the students who want to come study there but also have access to food.”

“We’ve found over time, that people looking for real quiet 24 hours a day end up in the library as much as they end up in that space. So what we’re hoping is, we create a space that meets the demand,” said Johnson.

Johnson said though Einstein Bros. would bring more noise to the study area, she said she does not expect to see a decline in people using the study area.

“I think I will probably like being able to purchase a bagel,” Dunbar said. “I think it will increase the time I spend in the library.”

Though Einstein Bros. won’t be open 24/7, the study room will be, so students will still be able to use it. Einstein Bros. will be open Mondays-Thursdays, 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Fridays 7 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Sundays 6 p.m.-10 p.m., and closed on Saturdays. Hale Library is open 24 hours Mondays through Thursdays during regular semesters.