‘Librarian’ fights way to the top of MMA


You’d never guess the soft-spoken bouncer at Shot Stop in Aggieville named Jake “The Librarian” Lindsey is a professional fighter who is undefeated in mixed martial arts.

If you happen to talk to him, he’ll recommend you try the “Librarian”, which Jake created and said is the “best drink known to mankind.”

Born and raised in Manhattan, Jake said he never played sports growing up and got his exercise running from police officers. But when he saw mixed martial arts on TV, he immediately knew it was his destiny.

Before meeting Joe Wilk, head instructor and owner of the Combative Sports Center, Lindsey spent a year training by himself and using Manhattan High School football dummies as punching bags.

When Jake first told his mother he wanted to become a fighter, she told him he would would only be beaten by other fighters because he was too much of a nerd.

In spite of her reservations, Jody Lindsey recognized her son’s passion and has strongly supported him through his career, which Jake said he believes has been a critical factor in his success.

“Most people can’t buy that kind of promotion, but my mom just does it because she enjoys it,” Jake said. “Every woman in Manhattan over the age of 45 knows my entire fighting career and has seen all my fight pictures.”

When Jake first started training at the CSC, he would get worked over by Wilk and other well-trained fighters, and had doubts about his potential.

“I would have quit if Joe had not been so supportive,” Jake said. “He always told me I had great potential, especially after he would beat the living crap out of me, and one of my main motivations was to get better to beat Joe up.”

Jake said fighting is completely different than the business world.

“In business and bureaucracy, you can be the hardest working and just get screwed,” Jake said. “But in fighting, if you put the work in, you’re going to get everything out of it that you want.”

Jake said his fighting success is all up to him.

“Wilk and everyone can help me prepare, but when it comes down to it I have to make it happen for myself,” Jake said. “And that has taught me a lot about life and being a strong person.”

Fellow Jiu Jitsu practitioner Travis Ternes described Jake as an “incredible fighter who hits like a truck.”

According to Wilk, Jake has a bright future and will become a well-known fighter.

Jake said he intends to fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“If you want to get on ‘The Librarian Destruction Train’ early, now’s the time to sponsor me,” he said.