Band: Manhattan show like coming home


Local Christian rock band Cloverton performed Thursday night at the Kathouse Lounge as an opening act for band Stars Go Dim.

“I enjoy their music; they have some great high-energy songs and also some nice more relaxed acoustic songs,” said Carmen Phillips, freshman in open option. “I know of the band from my church; the lead singer and bass player actually helped my family and I clean up our house after the tornado hit in 2008. They are really involved in the church and I’ve been supportive of their band ever since.”

Phillips attended the concert with her two roommates whom she introduced the band’s music to.

The band recently had a performance in Memphis, Tenn., as an opening act for Christian music artist TobyMac, who was nominated for and won a Grammy last year. Cloverton won the performance as a part of a contest they entered online for Camp Electric, a Christian music camp in Nashville, Tenn., for youth ages 13 to 18. The band won the contest called “Rock the Camp” by sending in videos of their music. The contest was sponsored by national radio station K-LOVE.

“It was a lot of fun opening up for TobyMac and we also got a chance to know the students and hang out with them,” said Kirby LeMoine, Cloverton’s drummer.

LeMoine said the band was excited to be recognized by a national radio station.

“We are trying to get on the national scene for sure,” LeMoine said. “It’s harder to book shows because nobody’s really heard of us yet except for connections we’ve established with local churches. In order to make this full-time, we need to perform shows all over the U.S.; it’s hard to keep busy as [a] band and book more shows without that national recognition.”

All the members of the band, Lance Stafford, lead singer, Layne Stafford, bass player, Tim Brantl, guitar, Matt Brownguitar, and LeMoine, drummer, are from western Kansas, LeMoine said.

“Manhattan is home to us; a few of the guys were actually born and raised in Manhattan,” LeMoine said.

LeMoine said the band met the headlining act Stars Go Dim through Camp Electric.

“They needed an opening band for their concert so they brought us in because they knew us,” LeMoine said. “We’ve actually traveled to Oklahoma and did a show with them before. They’re really cool guys and a lot of fun to hang out with.”