Look of K-State’s main website updated for first time since 2006


With the start of a brand new semester comes a fresh face for the K-State home page.

Adding changes to the layout, aesthetics and links of the page, the marketing team in charge of the website is hoping to make it both inviting to prospective students and user-friendly for all visitors.

“We wanted to move to a more modern look and feel,” said Janelle Corkill, team lead web specialist for the Office of Mediated Education.

She said the page had not been updated since 2006, and they knew that with a newer administration, it would be a good time to push to update the site.

Corkill said it was definitely a goal to draw new students to the website, but they also wanted it to have a fresher look with more features available.

“I really like the changes, the appearance and the added features,” said Micaela Torres, freshman in life sciences.

Torres said as a new student, she relies on the home page to find her way to other important K-State websites, and said she likes that everything she needs to find is accessible directly from the home page.

At the same time, other students didn’t notice the changes. Shahna Campbell, sophomore in political science, said she wasn’t aware of the changes because she doesn’t usually use the home page.

“I always go straight to the website I want,” she said.

The graphics on the K-State home page are not the only aspects of the site due for a change.

Jeff Morris, vice president for communications and marketing, said they have a research team in place and will be making small changes throughout the semester.

“We’re looking at what people search on and what people click on,” he said.

Morris said he hopes that by tracking visitor use of the website, they can make improvements that will help users navigate more efficiently.

While graphics were the first step in the renovation of the website, he said the marketing and web design teams are hoping to make the content and navigation of the site the next step.

The teams are planning on improving the news section, making the calendar easier to read and making the site easier to navigate with drop-down menus.