Bands compete in OPUS event for cash prizes, to share music


Union Program Council put on the 24th annual OPUS Friday as part of UPC Awareness Week. The main event at OPUS was a battle of the bands competition. Bands entered into the competition not only as an outlet to have their music heard, but also in hopes of winning one of the three cash prizes.

For Chase Petersen, member of the band Kiss and Tell, performing was a chance to spread his music.

“I hope that everyone likes it,” Petersen said. “I want someone to walk away thinking they want to see us again.”

Jonathan Cole, senior in marketing, said one of the best parts about being in the band was touring last summer.

“In West Hollywood, the sound was just awesome, and to play on Sunset Strip was amazing,” Cole said.

Braden Dreiling, drummer for the band Brown Bag Special, traveled to Manhattan with his band from Hays. Dreiling shares a passion for music with his father, who is also the drummer in a country band. Dreiling’s father, Jerry Dreiling, was at the event supporting his son and the band.

“We follow them around, help set up and tear down and sell merchandise,” Jerry Dreiling said.

His son said he appreciated having the extra help and support.

Austin Narverud, sophomore in mechanical engineering and lead singer of Catching Amy, took first place at the competition. Catching Amy is from Topeka, but members attend K-State and are living in Manhattan.

“It feels amazing and we had a lot of fun,” Narverud said. “That’s what we wanted to do and we got lucky.”  

There was a variety of genres at this year’s competition.

Bondy Kaye, sophomore in psychology, was one spectator at the event.

“I was impressed with the caliber of showmanship last year and this year is even better,” Kaye said.

Ryan McGowan, sophomore in music, said, “I came to hear some good music.” Because Kaye and McGowan are in a band together that participated in OPUS last year, they said they were especially interested.

“We’ve semi-got a band formed, it’s just a matter of getting shows,” McGowan said.

“It’s all in who you know,” Kaye said.

For some, the motivation was the cash. For others, it was the glory. And for others, it was just another chance to play music. Many of the bands said they look forward to continuing their musical reputation and spreading their sound in the upcoming Aggiefest in October.