K-Staters collaborate with South Korean students


With the help of advanced technology, the world is becoming smaller every day. The Internet allows people to talk with others across the globe without a problem.

Globalization is alive and well, and students in the design department are experiencing it firsthand.

Students enrolled in the Interior Design Studio 7 class at K-State began working on a project involving both interaction and application of design with students from Sangmyung University located in Seoul, South Korea.

The class, taught by Hyung-Chan Kim, assistant professor in apparel, textiles and interior design, includes seniors and second-semester juniors in the interior design and textiles department.

The basic idea of the project is to exchange ideas with students in Seoul. Students in Korea design a kiosk for the Crown Center in Kansas City, Mo., and K-State students design a kiosk for the Coex Mall in Seoul.

“Through this project, we’ll develop the knowledge of global perspective in the international market,” Kim said. “It’s an interesting project for international design because the number of international design projects increases every year.”

The students had their first video conference with the Sangmyung students Thursday, where they had a site analysis session, describing the location of where the kiosk would go.

Jennifer Burke, senior in interior design, said the first conference went well and said the South Korean students’ English was quite good.

“It wasn’t terribly difficult,” she said. “They have a great vocabulary.”

Burke said the only difficulty the K-State students had was remembering to slow down their speech to help the Sangmyung students better understand their English.

She said she was excited to get the project underway and knows the experience she gains will be invaluable for the future.

“I’m really looking forward to having a broadened understanding of the cultural differences that take place in the business world,” Burke said. “As far as personal gain, I’m looking forward to translating what we’re learning to the professional world.”

Kim said now that the class has had the first conference with site analysis, it can start working on the design portion of the project.

This is the first time the department has done an international project like this one, and Kim said he hopes to continue it in the future with varying topics.

Barbara Anderson, interim department head and associate professor for apparel, textiles and interior design, said she has not seen a project like this before at K-State and it is something she would like to see continue into the future.

“Our students are taking jobs in corporate design firms that practice on a global basis; our students have to be prepared to go into those firms and practice on a global basis,” she said. “Some are actually going to be in offices around the world and some here in the states doing work around the world. It’s a tremendous opportunities to experience a little bit of what that’s like.”

This semester’s project is set to conclude Oct. 7, and the groups plan to have their final video conference Oct. 21.