Feminism unfairly treated negatively


I am writing in response to Jillian Aramowicz’s Sept. 30 column “Birth control needs, deserves insurance coverage.” I was very disappointed to see Aramowicz thought it necessary to distance herself from feminists by stating that although she thinks birth control should be covered by insurers, she is “certainly no feminist.”

I fail to see how that statement is relevant to her piece on birth control insurance coverage. Further, it seems Aramowicz thought this statement necessary or her argument would cease to be valid.

It seems Aramowicz has an inaccurate perception of feminists. It is disappointing that in 2010, individuals still buy into the negative stereotypes related to feminism. It is not uncommon to find individuals who agree with feminist ideology but distance themselves for fear of being perceived as feminist.  

Many women worked hard, struggled, fought and openly supported the rights and privileges Aramowicz now has. Many women still openly support and fight for the continuation of these rights and fight against the inequalities that still exist.

Although many types of feminism exist, and definitions vary, many feminists believe in the importance of equality for all, regardless of gender, race, class and sexual orientation. To assume the majority of feminists believe in the domination of women over men is inaccurate. Many feminists support the social welfare and health of all individuals, including men.

Aramowicz needs to do her research and let that inform her statements regarding feminism and feminist identification, not the associated negative stereotypes.

Sara Smith

Graduate student in psychology