Letter to the Editor: SGA’s football resolution suggests students ‘don’t care’


Words cannot express the disappointment and exasperation I feel in response to the Student Governing Association’s resolution concerning Thursday night’s football game. The resolution suggests a “university-wide principle of leniency and cooperation among faculty, staff and students,” and SGA “encourages faculty and instructors not schedule major exams, projects, or assignments on that date.”

As a graduate student, I could not believe SGA would be oblivious to how this reflects on the student body; although, to be fair, as I understand it, graduate student senators were not in favor of the resolution. As an instructor at this institution, I could not believe the leaders of the student body would make such a suggestion to those who are attempting to provide them an education. The resolution sends the message to faculty and instructors that students don’t care about their classes and the policies set forth in them, which is disrespectful in and of itself. But it also sends the message that students don’t think they should be held responsible for making the decision to attend gameday activities rather than class.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand this was a big event for students, and I see why they would want to go to the game and/or the events that occur prior to kickoff.  But to encourage faculty and instructors to set aside their policies and expectations so students don’t get penalized for doing so is spoiled, self-righteous and unreasonable. Students need to grow up and take responsibility for their own behavior.

Megan Strain

Graduate student in psychology

President of the Graduate Association of Psychology Students