Nurse: Effects of ‘roofies’ similar to drunkenness, difficult to recognize


“I always wondered why they were called roofies, cause you’re more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. They should call ‘em floories,” Doug said.

“Or rapies,” Alan, another character from the movie “The Hangover,” added.

However, roofies are, in reality, anything but funny.

Bill Arck, director of K-State’s alcohol and other drug education service, said drug manufacturers are trying to make it more difficult to use the drug improperly.

“Makers of rohypnol changed the formula so when mixed with CMS depressants, alcohol and clear drinks turn blue, beer turns green and dark drinks turn murky,” he said. “They also have the tablet dissolving slowly.”

Now possible victims may be more apt to notice the difference before they take a drink. If they do take a drink, though, they could know immediately something is wrong.

Arck said the effects of roofies are generally significant enough that a person would know they were not alcohol-related, especially if the person is sober and not on any other prescription or recreational drugs at the time.

The drug can sedate a person in 20 minutes, and the effects usually last eight to 12 hours, but depending on the food, alcohol, or other substances in a person’s system, it could last longer.

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