Union should lose ‘EPAW’ sign


Recently, I have heard numerous complaints about the large sign in front of the parking garage that says “EPAW.” Quite frankly, I agree, and the sign needs to go.

The word “man” does not have to mean an adult male. As a society, we have given it that meaning, but by definition, it is a member of “the human race.” I feel this tradition is more important than a few hurt feelings.

Imagine if the University of Kansas changed its name to the Hawks, because the Jayhawkers were a group that often committed crimes. There would be outrage. The mere thought of changing long-standing traditions makes many college basketball fans roll over in their grave.

I’m not asking for the sign to be changed to “EMAW;” they could take it down for all I care. All I’m asking is that we quit bastardizing a tradition that dates back to the early days of K-State basketball in Ahearn Field House.


Ryan Joerger

sophomore in life sciences