Leggings are practical, fashionable piece of clothing


This is in response to Sara Gudde’s “Results May Vary” column about leggings. I have seen people wear some strange and unreasonable things. Why pick on leggings? Leggings are a practical combination of sweatpants and skinny jeans. They keep frigid air from your skin, can be dressed up or down in numerous fashions and are the most comfortable garment since the sports bra.

Some complain that they are too tight to constitute pants. In comparison to skinny jeans or any pant that does not cause the wearer to look like they are donning a tent, leggings do the same job as their competition.

Let’s discredit the most ridiculous of myths in speculation that leggings won’t keep you warm. The actuality is quite the contrary. Running around in panty hose and a T-shirt during the winter months would be a surefire sign that you are crazed or highly intoxicated. Leggings are not simply hosiery. They are much tighter knit and made of more durable material. The purpose of pants is to provide a buffer between your warm skin and the outside environment to reduce loss of body heat to the cold winter air, because heat energy is inclined to move from an area of higher temperature to lower temperature. If your leggings do not “breathe” as panty hose do, they are doing their job in preventing aforementioned heat loss.

I don’t mind if “the whole world know(s) every curve and crevice of the lower half of my body.” Excuse me for having self-confidence. My theory is that those opposed to the movement of leggings-as-pants don’t value their assets — pun intended. I am not carrying a sign that states, “Please, I am begging you, look at my rear end.” I simply love myself enough that I do not need to hide under a muumuu. Now you think, “But, I do not care to observe your body so closely.” Then, by all means, do not stare at my butt.

With its increasing popularity and versatility, I do not foresee leggings hitting the hay anytime soon. They will continue to be a practical outfit choice for confident girls who wish to be comfortable as they live their lives.

Next time, let’s pick on people who wear yellow tennis shoes in the winter because I dislike looking at the color, and boots are the only warm footwear in existence.

Ellesha LeCluyse

senior in biology