K-State’s handling of TEVAL case ‘appalling’


Dear Collegian,

While reading through the story about the grave and unethical alteration of Professor Wright’s teacher evaluations, which nobody in K-State’s administration seems to be denying took place, I was deeply disturbed that President Schulz told Professor Wright that he “would be falling on his own sword.” In fact, it was so unbelievable to me that I had to read through the quote five or six times.

Frankly, if serious misconduct like this occurred, heads should be rolling. If, for example, somebody who had access to the evaluations altered the evaluations to gain revenge for his fraternity brother who got a bad grade in Professor Wright’s class so Wright would presumably be denied tenure, demoted or even fired, then the offending party should be expelled. K-State’s administration should be doing the right thing, instead of worrying that they might be offending a “fat cat” donor when his/her son or daughter gets expelled.

I personally contacted K-State’s administration recently when greek members were way out of line. I provided very detailed information, but the administration seemed to be much more concerned with just making the problem go away as quickly and quietly as possible. Frankly, one gets the impression that when allegations of student misconduct are made at K-State, the administration looks in their records first to see whether the offending parties come from “important families” or not and whether the complaining parties come from “important families” or not.

The inmates shouldn’t be running the asylum. Justice needs to be blind and I feel really bad for Professor Wright. He talks that this “will be the death” of his career at K-State. The lack of support he is receiving from the administration right now is appalling.

There are indeed a lot of people right now who should be “falling on their swords” — probably some of whom are grossly overpaid and have offices in Anderson Hall — but Mr. Wright isn’t one of them: Wright’s the victim.


Ron Stelter

K-State Alumnus

B.A., 1990  M.A., 1992