“Little Big Planet 2” proves to be a big hit



There is nothing little about “Little Big Planet 2.” This game is the long awaited sequel to the widely popular “Little Big Planet” and was released this past week. With the multitude of different characters, levels, weapons and even the inclusion of the new “PlayStation Move”, this game has something special for everyone.

Instead of the 2D paper-like story mode characters, there are dynamic three-dimensional characters that interact with you throughout the game. The characters provide weapons and tips to help you get through some of the more difficult levels. Containing five worlds with multiple stages in each world, this game does involve a bit of playtime, about six hours to clear everything. The story feels more dynamic than the first game, and I felt I accomplished something by the end. The voice acting added a great mood to this cloth bound platformer, with its witty candor.

When you take the game online, you have access to all the freely published levels from around the world. That’s where this game truly excels. The player and professionally made levels provide tons of extra playtime with friends, and, because these levels are free, you can play and download as many as you want without feeling guilty. You could even go so far to create your own levels to add to the ever-expanding Sackworld landscape.  

What made this game great, is it could be played with up to four people in a way that is fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your group is playing through the story or if you are playing one of the many versus levels, each player can interact with each other in many different ways. These games include races, basketball, battles and obstacle courses. You also have access to multiple weapons during some of these minigames, as well as during the story mode. You could use a water gun to put out fires, and you could also use the power gloves to throw heavy objects or people into fire for a laugh. My favorite weapon is the Cakenator, which shoots sticky cakes used to block pipes from dropping fire on your path, or even just to jump on them.  

With this game’s multitude of different characters, levels, weapons and vehicles there is something in it for everyone. Pick up this title to fill out your collection and explore the online levels. I, myself, am glad I was able to complete the game before my PS3 went belly up.