Sexual references, innuendos offensive


I am extremely disappointed in the numerous sexual references appearing in some of the most recent editions of the Collegian. The most obvious appeared in the form of the large, offensive image displayed on the cover of the Jan. 26 edition. I realize the article was written as an informational piece, however the fact that a pornographic image was used in order to catch the readers interest is appalling and unappreciated. While I’m sure you will argue that the ever-so cleverly titled “Hump Day” article is a summary of professional research and not a vile attempt at humor, when you take into account that this is a university publication intended mostly for college-aged students, the implications this article coveys as a sort of scare tactic (concerning ‘use it or lose it’, as well as a means for achieving better looks) provide an easy excuse for what may lead to abuse of an act that shouldn’t be considered nonchalant.  

Another demeaning Collegian article was published in the Jan. 28 edition, and is titled “Manscaping above, below belt”. While I’m confident this article was intended for comical purposes, the sexual innuendos that lie within the “information” are not only uncalled for, but are yet another example of inappropriate discussion that is better left out of Kansas State publications.

I find it degrading and juvenile that the Collegian seems to be taking the subject of sexual situations so lightly. In a publication the Kansas State University community should take pride in, there are other ways to promote humor and information that do not involve sexual references and offensive images.

Trista Gorrell


Digital Media/Technology


Kansas State University Salina