The perfect date, men versus women


Can the romantic dates from movie screens be recreated in real life? It seems hard to believe on a college student’s budget. Fortunately, the evaluation of the date is not directly correlated to the amount of perfection in most students’ eyes. So, if taking a date to a five-star restaurant and getting the best table in the house is not the only way to achieve perfection, what else does the trick?

Despite some misconceptions, a girl does not need to be taken out to a gala or fancy dinner to be impressed. Erin Hurd, junior in interior architecture, said the perfect date occurs when “something out of the ordinary is combined with something traditional.”

She suggested a traditional meal together followed by an unusual activity like geocaching, which is a hide-and-seek-type game to play with a partner or group, according to

Hurd recommended The Little Grill and said the restaurant “has a unique atmosphere, live music and is an all-around interesting place.”

As for a post-dinner activity, visiting a thrift store like The Grand Ol’ Trunk or going ice-skating can allow two people to enjoy each others’ companies while staying within a relaxed and fun environment.

“Dates where we can enjoy the natural environment are the best ones,” Hurd said.

Places unique to Manhattan like the Konza Prairie, Manhattan Hill and the Top of the World lookout are stable outdoor choices for a romantic backdrop for further conversation with a special someone.

If a girl wants a traditional date with a modern twist, what does a guy want in a perfect date? Michael Cabrera, senior in life sciences, said he believes the date should fashion a “balance between class and affordability.”

He said an overly expensive date gives a pretentious vibe and that classless date will seem cheap.

“How are you going to woo your date with plastic cutlery and a place mat with a kiddy mat on it?” Cabrera said.

Some great Manhattan options that fall into the category of appropriate restaurants include Coco Bolos, Hibachi Hut and the Little Apple Brewery. Cabrera said romance should be taken into consideration and both parties “can appreciate intimacy without distraction, maybe somewhere with a view, preferably not wheat fields.”

It seems guys also enjoy dates that take place outdoors. Cabrera specifically endorsed “the spot on top of the letters by Bluemont Scenic Drive.”

“That place is money in the bank,” he said.

The idea of the perfect date for both men and women does not vary much. It boils down to what each half of the dating couple prefers to do for their shared date that matters. The perfect date can be had in Manhattan, and with some searching, one will find that more than a few places exist to play the role of the romantic setting.