Letter to the Editor: Sweep secrets under the rug


Dear Editor,

It looks like our season of disappointment is spiraling further south, and not because of Curtis Kelly.

If we want to be big-time, we’re going to have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot by self-reporting pithy little things that any real program would sweep under the rug. We have to learn to cover things up. Look at KU. In the past few years, their players have amassed a comically long rap sheet (Sherron Collins, anyone?), but they’ve looked the other way, and they’re currently 23-1. Meanwhile, we’re tattling on ourselves constantly and doing a nosedive toward the NIT.

We’re seriously considering dismissing the only decent big man we have left for smoking weed? Every player now smokes weed. Dig up a program from 2008 and look at Michael Beasley’s picture. Can you see his eyes? Me neither, but the dude still averaged, like, 80 points a game.

To all you Oldy Olsens with your bloomers in a bundle who want Kelly gone for not following the rules: you chairback shirt tucks are the reason we’ll be mired in mediocrity forever. Stop saying things like, “Well Jack Parr and Ernie Barrett said nope to dope, and we were competing for Big 7 championships right and left in those days.” Good for them. Good for you. Too bad it’s 2011.

Some people don’t want Kelly “representing the university.” Know who I don’t want representing the university? Alex Potuzak for 25 minutes a game. (Did I even spell his name right? It wasn’t on his jersey until January.)

Auburn made it rain on Cam Newton and now they have a beautiful crystal football. KU let Darrell Arthur enroll even though he didn’t graduate high school, and they got a trophy. We, however, blow the whistle on ourselves for smoking weed and having sticky fingers at the freakin’ mall. Yay for integrity. Nope. This blows.

I do not care if Curtis Kelly smokes weed. Do. Not. Care. Know what I care about? Not placing 10th in the league every year. Wanna be big-time? Learn how to cover things up. Free Kelly.