Sports gear varies on weather, location


From K-State jerseys to face paint to full-body green suits, sports fans are always ready to cheer on the Wildcats for every season sport, but the temperature drop might call for a change in clothing between football and basketball season. For many students tailgating, the weather plays a major role in determining game day attire.

“During football season I wear a football jersey, and during basketball season I wear various K-State T-shirts,” said Mandy Prather, sophomore in business marketing. “Football is more of a social event for me, so I put more effort into an outfit because I know I will be socializing before, during and after the games.”

On the other hand, Michael Kleiss, sophomore in finance, said he prefers dressier attire at basketball games.

“Football games always include tailgating and many people dress up more for tailgating,” Kleiss said. “At basketball games people are less dressy and wear a K-State shirt or jersey. Personally I rock the blazer at basketball games.”

Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum are two different arenas and atmospheres. When selecting an outfit for these two different locations, a major determining factor is the weather.

“Since it gets really hot in Bramlage, it’s good to wear a K-State T-shirt and jeans. I consider my style to be casual-comfortable,” said Rachel Birkenmeier, sophomore in psychology. “Sometimes I like to wear a face tattoo to spice it up.”

The weather does not affect Dwight Wetzel, sophomore in management information systems, when selecting an outfit for either location, he said.

“I wear a basic cotton T-shirt with a K-State logo,” Wetzel said. “The type of pants I wear varies based on the weather.”

Although some students might prefer one season over the other, one aspect is consistent among all K-State fans: tailgating determines the attire for the whole day.

“I think the clothing style has changed in the fact that football games are about the tailgating,” said Scott Helberg, senior in history. “People wear their summer apparel. At basketball games people wear a jersey, purple shirt or maybe once in awhile you will see a purple and white man. Clothing during football season is better; after all, who can resist purple body paint?”

Megan Sauber, sophomore in family and consumer science, agrees with Helberg’s comment.

“Football season is more of a daylong event, so I tend to think about my outfit a little bit more,” Sauber said. “For basketball games I normally put on a K-State T-shirt and appropriate bottoms depending on the weather. Since there are so many basketball games I have multiple outfits instead of just one for football.”

Despite the weather and tailgating, the most important factor in dressing for K-State sporting events is to always be clothed in K-State gear, so grab your best purple T-shirt and the appropriate pants or skirt for the weather and support the Wildcats in a win during football and basketball.