Preparation is key to succesful packing for spring break trips


Students have been waiting for a certain week since the beginning of the semester.: spring break. While some are lucky enough to go on exotic vacations, others are packing into cars to make the trek down to the hot spots for spring break like Florida, Alabama and Texas. Regardless, many are packing up and heading out.

What is common between all students is that all bags must be packed. Some people might start planning weeks ahead what they will take with them, while others shove what they think they will need 30 minutes before they are supposed to leave. No matter the type of packer you are, there are ways to make this mundane task easier.

The main problem is either packing way too much or not enough, both being pretty annoying issues. So how do you find the perfect balance? Preparation usually is the best way to make sure that you are perfectly packed for your wonderful vacation. Here are some easy tips to make packing more efficient.

Find out whether wherever you are staying (friends’ house, condo, hotel, etc.) has bulky items — such as beach towels, blow dryers — that are annoying to carry. You can do this simply by calling. If they do have the items do not bring your own, obviously.

This is kind of obvious, but a lot of people don’t take advantage of how much this can help when it comes to packing. Simply check and you’re set. This will help narrow down what you need to bring so you only bring what corresponds to the weather. Just in case, throw in a sweatshirt or light jacket because they are easy to fold and won’t take up too much space if you’re worried about getting cold.

That way you can put all the necessities in your suitcase before you go for the stuff that you think you might need. Not only will this help downsize what you take but it will also help you remember what is most vital.

Many people forget and just grab their bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc. This will take up unnecessary space because the plastic bottles won’t compress like clothes do. Pick travel size bottles while you’re at the store or just keep some small bottles around and fill them up before you leave.

This is another way to downsize what you will and won’t need so you don’t have to root through your bag after it’s already packed. Plus, it’s another opportunity to mentally check off what you are packing which will decrease your chance of forgetting anything.

Spring break is supposed to be the most fun time of the semester so don’t let too many clothes or a lack thereof put a damper on your week. Follow these simple five steps before you pack up and you can save a lot of heartache. Have a happy spring break.